Market potential

A tenth of infertile women have low ovarian reserves and do not benefit from currently available hormonal fertility treatment regimens. This adds up to millions of women worldwide. Currently, their only option of getting pregnant is by use of donor eggs.

The resulting substantial unmet medical need is highlighted by clinicians and KOLs, who emphasize the need for a safe and efficient treatment option for these women.

According to Grand View Research, Inc, the global in vitro fertilization market is projected to reach $ 34 billion by 2028.

Fertility treatment of patients with low ovarian reserve remains a key issue in our society and is largely under-investigated. Therefore, I believe that the findings of Karin Lykke-Hartmann will be of great interest towards tackling this problem.

Professor Dr. Maria Elena Torres-Padilla, Director of Institute of Epigenetics and Stem Cells (IES), Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany


Investment opportunities

iNotify is looking for VC financing to enable in vivo confirmation of lead compound as well as non-clinical development, including CMC and toxicity studies. Following the preclinical phase, VC financing will be needed to complete a Phase I/IIa clinical trial, which is expected in 2024.

In addition, iNotify is interested in collaborating with companies experienced in fertility treatment.

For further information, contact Karin Lykke-Hartmann.